LA Masterclass – ‘Overcoming Creative Blocks’

Leadership Academy

Happy New Year guys!


The #Leadership Academy kicked off the New Year in true FAD style with the first masterclass of the year – ‘Overcoming Creative Blocks’
Creative Block – the inability to access one’s flowing stream of inspiration and creativity

 With uplifting talks and presentations from our lovely guest speakers, Graphic Designer Lydia Thornley and WGSN Head of Product Analysis and Analytics Francesca Muston, our young leaders identified what creative blocks are, how they differ for each individual, and practical ways they  can overcome their own creative blocks

From fun ice breakers to insightful group discussions, Lydia’s advice on tackling creative blocks offered a number of different solutions: 1. Be active – Go for a walk, try somewhere visually noisy like Queen’s Market in East London,  2. Do plenty of research, 3. Allow your creative mind to travel for example, give yourself a dull task to do for a little while – this allows your mind to wonder thus unclogging creative ideas and 4. Brainstorm, jot ideas down anything and everything that comes to mind

“Sometimes with briefs we feel like performing seals, not knowing how to approach an idea nor where to begin however it’s important to remember that you should always approach projects from many different angels” Lydia Thornley

Lydia Thornley

Lydia Thornley

Francesca Muston’s presentation focused on how to approach creative briefs and the necessary steps to take in order to avoid having creative blocks. One vital point Francesca made at the end of the presentation was to learn how to cut back and understand the importance of editing but to also know when to abandon something that isn’t working

Francesca Muston of WGSN

Francesca Muston of WGSN

“You’re always being judged on your ability to answer/fulfil a brief – so always go back and read the brief at every stage of the project” Francesca Muston

Our young people from the #LeadershipAcademy found the masterclass positively helpful and took on board the advice that was given to them with many stating to apply some of these new found tactics to their college/uni projects


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