FAD x The Topé Project

Leadership Academy

This Christmas FAD volunteers and students donated gifts to The Topé Project which is a volunteer run, youth led project, aiming to combat loneliness for care-experienced young people. In memory of Topé – turning pain into positivity.


Here is what Hafsa Meho from our Leadership Academy had to say about the collaboration:

The FAD is a charity, which encourage young people working together to inspire and achieve their goals through running creative projects. The Topé Project is a welcoming association that unites young care-leavers and offers a support system at what can be an isolating time at Christmas. The Topé Project also has a positive ethos, which stimulates confidence and community, and the development of skills and knowledge equal to that at FAD. For the FAD Leadership Academy to be involved in such a project is an encouraging collaboration between the two groups of similar ages. At the Leadership Academy we believe that 18-25 is a fundamental age group where support is required to adjust and mature into adulthood in oppose to being distance from guidance and being solely independent. Going through similar life changes we feel it is important to have individuals to communicate and convene with, who can help you find your footing in life.

You can see the Christmas photos from The Topé  Project here

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