FAD catches up with 2013 FF2 Winner ‘Beau Scarlett Pitt’

2013, FAD Stories

So last week we caught up with the lovely FF2 Winner & Bromley’s very own – Miss Beau Scarlett Pitt!

Beau is currently on work experience with the design team at ASDA George at their Carnaby Street office.

Read all about Beau’s experience so far and her plans for the future …

“On Monday I started off looking at trends and straight away learnt that it all begins with colour. I was looking through all the colour books and found that though most colours look the same they are all different, each with their own name and number. I looked at how the colours corresponded with the trends. I also did some work on moodboards taking quite a lot of information from a magazine, for example a certain shape or a certain style and then pairing it with a current or future trend. On Tuesday I started working on prints – understanding how the process works and how you must always keep to the budget with the customer in mind. I was work shadowing Charlotte who is the print designer for nightwear. I was looking at print ideas and then designed a flower print which I developed in Photoshop – This task continued till Wednesday. I worked a little with Illustrator testing out different print placements within a basic pyjama set outline.

On Photoshop I learnt how to do a repeat pattern – which did prove quite difficult because you don’t actually reseal how important it is to be as precise as possible when you’re working on the design – you have to try and keep everything really pristine. I’d have to say I’m more confident in Photoshop than Illustrator – Illustrator is still a bit confusing for me.

Overall I’ve found the atmosphere to be quite good; you get to interact with other people and share ideas which is great!”

We also asked Beau what her next steps will be after her work experience at George to which she replied “Having this work experience on my CV and Personal Statement will be incredibly useful – I’m positive that it will help me get onto an Art and Design Foundation course because it shows that I’ve been putting in the work to help me prepare for the future”

Beau working on some moodboards at her desk. ASDA George.

2013 FF2 Winner Beau Scarlett Pitt on work placement at ASDA George.

Another success story from an FAD starlet! A massive thank you to the George team at ASDA for making this work placement possible!


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