Back to the LA!

Leadership Academy

LA Orange

The FAD Leadership Academy also known as FAD LA is supported by The City Bridge Trust and has returned for another year!

FAD LA works closely with young people from various ethnic backgrounds between the ages of 17-24 yrs developing their communication and project management skills.

The FAD LA aims to broaden young people’s working knowledge of the fashion and design industry through the use of practical skills, master classes, talks by selected industry experts and one to one mentoring. The young people involve learn essential skills in following areas: setting aims/targets; achieving goals and giving back to the community.

Over the course of 6-12 months the new members of the academy will embark on a journey working towards becoming true leaders and representatives for the young people of today.


Our first FAD LA master class took place last week Wednesday in the evening at the FAD Office. The young people that attended were introduced to what the academy will have to offer each person and what each person will gain by being a part of it.

To end the evening, everybody including the FAD team took part in an online emotional intelligence and personality test. A fun and intriguing activity but still a very important leader trait for our young people to be aware of when working on their leadership skills.

A5 folders were handed out to each person, inside each folder contained a basic timetable format detailing the topics for each master class; a separate timetable for each person to organize their time; a plan of action section for daily/weekly/monthly targets and general notes section for ideas, thoughts and feelings.


The FAD LA is still open and welcoming applications from young people between the ages of 17-24 who are interested in gaining valuable skills required to succeeding in the industry. A great atmosphere and opportunity to meet and mingle with like minded people!


Please contact Joanne Matthews for an LA Application form >



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