FAD’s Good Leadership Characteristics

Leadership Academy

Do you possess the following 5 traits of a good leader?


1.       A Leader Must Have a Vision. Being able to visualize a goal and identify what it is you wish to gain from accomplishing your goal.

2.       A Leader Must be Able to Strategize. Thinking up grand ideas is easy! However as a leader you must possess the ability to plan and see through all the tasks that are needed to bring about the end result(s). A good leader knows what targets need to be set and how they are going to be reached.

3.       A Leader Must Obtain the Ability to Overcome Obstacles. It is very rare that a project runs completely smoothly without any glitches. Therefore a good leader will always identify the possible problems that may occur while carrying out tasks during a project.

4.       A Leader Must have a Plan B. Relying solely on plan A is not a good characteristic of a good leader. Without a shadow of a doubt, obstacles will occur within any project. A leader is responsible for an alternative/back up plan in case Plan A is proving to be too problematic. Though this doesn’t necessarily mean that the original vision needs to be abolished, different routes of action can be taken to still get the end result.

5.       A Leader Must be Able to Develop Relationships.  Interpersonal skills are a necessity for any leader to possess. If a leader cannot communicate with his/her co-workers then this will surely lead to an end result that does not fulfil its true potential. Effective communication is vital within any form of project planning, especially one that involves working in a team.




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