2013, FAD Stories

Finally! The long wait is over! Read it first here the interview from the FAD Junior Award winner herself Miss Beau Scarlett Pitt. A down to earth talented, fashion loving student from Langley Park School for girls in Bromley, South London.

FAD Volunteer Karmen Marie interviews JUNIOR AWARD WINNER – Beau Scarlett Pitt

Read about Beau’s experience at London Fashion Week and winning the 2013 FAD Junior Awards …

How did it feel to be at London Fashion Week?

It was absolutely incredible! I have wanted to go for so long and to finally be there and at a show where my design is literally walking down the catwalk is just marvellous!

 What was it like seeing your work on the catwalk?

Surreal! I’ve always dreamed of that happening but I never actually thought it would!

Fad junior awards 2012

 How did you feel when you were announced as the winner?

I was an absolute mess! I was shaking and I looked back at my parents to actually check that my name was announced and that it wasn’t just me hearing things. I was so overcome with emotion as all of it sunk in.

 What did your family think / say?

My family were incredibly proud of me whilst laughing and videoing me while I did my Kate Winslet Oscar style acceptance speech aha.

Fad junior awards 2012

How do you think winning the Junior Awards is going to help you progress in the future?

The question is how will it not help me? All the work that I’ve done can be used in my portfolio and being a part of FF2 is such an amazing thing to put in personal statement. Winning the Junior Awards has given me the opportunity to meet and network with some amazing people from the industry.

So what’s next for you?

Hopefully many things! I’ve got the George work experience coming up which I hope to make the most of. I also hope to get into an art foundation course to broaden my creative knowledge and skills, preparing me for university.

Tell us what you think about FAD and whether you would have done this without the charity’s support?

WOW! Just WOW! The amount of opportunities that FAD offer to young people like myself is just mind blowing! The work that they do is so inspirational and they definitely fulfil their ethos! I feel that they have definitely created a future in fashion for me! And I thank all the F.A.D team immensely for that!

Fad junior awards 2012


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