Hoo Did That?


Jr Awards 2013 London Fashion Week

Hoo Did That Photography?

As promised, last week event at the Freemason’s Hall, located in the middle of London was FAD and i’m here to deliver the pictures from the night.

The scheme is to help young fashion students across London to showcase their work within London Fashion Week. The theme of the project was ‘Here & Now’ – people, objects, environment and themes that symbolized London Spirit. Each individual created their on take on that.


All fashion students were aged between 16-19. These talented students had worked they way to become FAD Junior Award finalists and they managed to get this fantastic opportunity to showcase their work at Fashion Scout during London Fashion Week. All contact detailed imaged above.


Bit of social media art that got a lot of attention whilst on arrival of the museum.


As the night began there was a rush to get the best seats! Unfortunately i didn’t get a great seat :( Sat behind two rows of people i must admit it wasn’t the best place to take pictures so i did try my best, however i didn’t feel as bad as sat infront was proud family members coming to support.






The show was quick but informative the show kicked off with a video from each student giving us up close and person view of their work. The projector behind the runway named the college and name of each fashionista and model. The show only last one full hour and i didn’t imagine a fashion show would be so fast.

I did have difficulty capturing each person as it was fast and a lot of hands in my way but here at the shots! As you can tell it does differ from a high end Fashion Show, these students worked their butts off to produce such class in their work which is amazing!



Amazing TopShop shoes by LESOCO Student Nhung Le Thi Hong, 17 picked up the Award for Illustration.





*Photo credit to FAD – BLOG image above*

Nell Downes won the Research and Interpretation Award, Nhung Le Thi Hong, 17 picked up the Award for Illustration, Naomi Brady,17, won Design Innovation and Yosana De Ceita Rodrigues Leal, 17, took the Pattern Cutting Award. Big congrats to them all!



*Photo credit to FAD – BLOG image above*
Huge congratulations to Beau Scarlett-Pitt who stole the show with this amazaingggg piece inspired by London’s pigeons and railway.

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