2013, FAD Projects, Fashion Futures

By St.Angela’s Finalist Melissa Absalud Allada

The Fashion Futures Finalists have made a giant step into the fashion world and hopefully we will see a lot more from them.

As a finalist, I felt a sense of excitement and pride as I saw my garment on the catwalk, and not just any catwalk, a catwalk during London Fashion Week! To be given such an opportunity by F.A.D is a blessing for anyone who is taking part as not many have the chance to be able to showcase their work at an event such as this, especially at such a young age.

Anas Lachgar (5)

Apart from my own garment being my favourite, here are a few garments I loved:

Nhung Le Thi Hong (1)

Nhung’s garment was so beautiful and vibrant; the shapes in the dress are something you don’t see every day and the colour instantly lifts the mood.

Molly Camara (1)

Another garment I adored was Molly’s capelet, though it is for men, I think it can be worn by anyone and for any occasion. It’s comfortable and chic and I really liked Molly’s idea of making floral print for both sexes.

Congratulations to Beau for winning with her fabulous dress!

Beau Scarlett Pitt (3)

Without F.A.D I would never have had an opportunity like this. It’s more than getting to present your work at London Fashion Week; it’s about the learning curve and the guidance each student receives throughout every Fashion Futures programme and that is the true value of this whole experience. Without F.A.D, I would still be drawing designs and never being able to make those designs reality.

What’s after this for me? Well it’s back to college to finish my A-Levels and hope to get into university. I would like to work with F.A.D as I believe it’s a fantastic organisation and hopefully watch or be part of many more fashion weeks to come.

Thank you F.A.D!


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