Meeting the Fashion Future Finalists: Beau Scarlett-Pitt

FAD Stories

Beau Scarlett-Pitt,17, Croydon.

Picture 162How does it feel to be an FAD Fashion Futures finalist?

It feels really good! It’s such an amazing opportunity and you’ve got to take it by the horns and go for it!

I feel really motivated and happy to be picked as a finalist it’s been really great so far – I can’t even put into words just how great this opportunity with FAD has been for me. When I first heard about it I was like ‘Are you serious?! You get to show at London Fashion Week!’ It’s just amazing and such an achievement for myself and the other finalists involved. To get something like this under my belt at such a young age it’s just such a fantastic opportunity for me.

How would you describe your garment?

It was actually supposed to be an all-in-one dress but it’s turned into two separate pieces now which just goes to shows how complex it’s been to put it together! I’ve made a mid length black skirt and a top with a feathered collar attached – the collar has been a pain to sew but it’s because I’m only using the hand wheel so I don’t damage it. The top half I actually designed the print myself so, it’s like a little extra achievement for myself.

Where did your inspiration come from?

I was trying to think of what symbolised London as a whole and it sounds a bit weird but all I saw around me were pigeons (laughs), I suddenly thought ‘pigeons!’ they make up a big part of London. Then I was a bit bored and cut up a picture of Boris Johnsons’ head and stuck in on a pigeons and then that was what sparked the idea for a feather collar.

Then for the print – I was waiting at St. Johns train station and I started taking photos of the train station and from that I got inspired by rust on the tracks, the walls had been worn down over the years – the print on the fabric is actually the gravel and I just heightened the colours and repeated it to get a cool effect.

What has been your biggest technical achievement you’ve gained from your time at FAD?

Well, pattern cutting was a really big turning point for me. Now we are working with all the staff here at UEL it’s been a great way to talk with experts in the field. I feel I have gained a lot of knowledge about the more technical side of fashion.

What’s been the best part of Fashion Futures so far?

Meeting the experts from the industry and being given amazing opportunities like getting to go to Graduate Fashion Week, which was amazing. Going to the George HQ, they had really good careers information which was enlightening, the experience has really given me direction.

What do you think the fashion industry could do to help more young people like yourself get into the careers they want?

Workshops like this, giving young people a taste of what it’s actually going to be like. Most people go in blind sighted and don’t know what they’re getting into.

How do you feel about showing at LFW?

I’m kind of nervous but I think that’s just anticipation of what the outcome is going to be.

What do you think about FAD?

It’s a brilliant organisation! FAD is just mind blowing! How they do it and how organised they all are, how they find these opportunities for people is fantastic and it should be like this for every industry. FAD is just amazing, I love it!

 Any advice for young people thinking about getting into the fashion industry?

Always keep on top of your sketchbook work! If you have a good, strong sketch book to support your concept and ideas you’ll go far.

The Fashion Futures project is supported by George at Asda, and is set to come to an exciting conclusion on Tuesday 17th September at the 2013 FAD Junior Awards. Find out more about Fashion Futures via the FAD website HERE.


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