FAD Fashion Bee: Hackney

FAD Projects

FAD launched a new and unique opportunity for students aged 14- 16. Introducing the FAD Fashion Bee! Learning fashion techniques and skills in bite size chunks.

Over the course of the week students from East London took part in day long fashion workshops. Gainin­­g array of new skills included, measuring the body, pattern cutting, garment construction / sewing, adapting and customizing garments and an introduction to fashion illustration.


FAD Fashion Bee is a great way to demonstrate to younger students that putting in time and effort into a project, even with a limited time frame, they can achieve something special as well as something they could be proud of.

As the week progresses the students undertake more challenging tasks.  Using the skills they have learned and developed and taking them forward to the next task. Breaking down the workshops into small chunks is a nice way to get a taste for fashion and textiles and encourage students to think about developing their new found skills for the future.

‘I want to be a fashion designer when I’m older. So it’s been nice to learn the skills I’ll need,’ remarked Ed, one of the many young students taking part in the 2013 FAD Hackney Fashion Bee. ‘I enjoyed learning how to do the pattern cutting most.’

‘I learnt a lot about customising garments and what materials you need to use to make certain things.’ – Lois Sykes, Raine’s Foundation School.

Many volunteers and Leadership Academy students came along to help mentor and encourage the younger students. It’s been really nice to help out on these workshops, passing on the skills we gained from FAD ourselves; it gives you a really nice feeling.’ Says Yulieth, one of our FAD volunteers.


FAD Fashion Bee was a fantastic success and it was a delight to see how passionate,  engaged and hands on all the young students were with the projects.



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