FAD Fashion Bee: Brixton

FAD Projects

FAD’s new and unique opportunity for students, the FAD Fashion Bee! Kicked off this week in Brixton, inviting students aged 14- 16 to take part and learn fashion techniques and skills in fast passed workshops.


From making patterns and sewing techniques to creating a garment from scratch the fashion bee is a real eye opener for young students to gain a real understanding of what fashion involves and an opportunity to gain life skills and grow in confidence along the way.

FAD Fashion Bee aims to motivate students to get as hands on as possible, using sewing machines and cutting and measuring fabrics, they take part in every aspect of creating a garment.

Some of the students started to think about taking fashion on in the future, ‘I want to work in costume design,’ Emelia Scholch from Pendergast School, Lewisham. ‘I’ve really enjoyed the second day because you start seeing things all coming together.’

‘I’d like to become a wedding dress designer,’ explained a second student Shakera Khatun from Paddington Academy, West London. ‘I’ve really enjoyed it! If FAD did another Fashion Bee again I would definitely attend.’

When asked what they’d learnt over the course of the week they agreed that they didn’t realise just how much concentration it takes to make a skirt and that the skills they have learnt over just a few days, like all the sewing techniques for example, has made them grow in confidence and has encouraged them to think more about the creative industry in regards to career choices for the future.

FAD Fashion Bee: Brixton was full of bright and enthusiastic young students willing to learn and be creative. Bring on FAD Fashion Bee 2014!!!


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