Buy Limited Edition Bags Created By The Leadership Academy

Leadership Academy
Leadership Academy members Gemma, 19 and Sabine, 21 write about the latest exciting venture from FAD’s youth team – a new online shop.

Since it began in September the Leadership Academy have been taking part in monthly master classes on topics ranging from ‘How to Get Over Creative Block’ to sessions on marketing and branding. During this time, we have been learning new skills and passing them on to other young people through creative projects. So far we have worked in partnership with the Who Cares? Trust, Corams Fields Youth Centre and City Academy Hackney.


2013-03-06 17.47.42

To raise funding to help the Leadership Academy run more community projects in the future, the team decided to sell limited edition tote bags that we designed and hand printed at Sonsoles Studio in Peckham. Over the past few weeks we’ve been putting our new business skills into practice by creating a online shop to display all of our feel good, look good bags!

The idea is that the FAD Leadership Academy shop will grow over time into a successful social enterprise, where young people can create and sell their designs – with part of the proceeds going towards helping other young people from different communities to take part in FAD projects.



Check out limited edition bags created by designers of the future, and support this new and exciting social enterprise by visiting the FAD Leadership Academy shop at

We hope you like them! We would love to hear what you think. Please email your thoughts and ideas to us at

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