FAD Students in Rankin Photoshoot

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FAD photo bloggers, Kasey, 18 and Kat, 21 report from the Hyperlink festival held at the Tate Modern on the last weekend of April. Along with several other FAD students they took part in the ‘Destroy Rankin’ workshop with renowned fashion photographer Rankin.
Kasey, 18

Fashion Futures 2012 student Kasey is currently in her last year at college in Newham. She is already working as an aspiring photographer in London, and will be starting a foundation course at the London College of Communication in September.


On Saturday 27th April I got to experience an amazing workshop run as part of the Hyperlink festival at the Tate Modern. I became a model for a day as I met the world-famous photographer Rankin. He has shot everyone from Adele to the Queen and now me!

I was the first person to arrive at the workshop and was very warmly welcomed by groups of people rushing at me to play with my hair, (its bright pink by the way), and getting introduced to hairdressers, make-up artists and Rankin himself.

After getting my make-up done I was ready to strike a pose. I was very nervous about being first. With the spotlight in my face and the wind machine in my hair I started to relax. After each shot, the photos were projected onto a screen behind me. I chose to use an image of me winking through my peace sign necklace as I felt it was a good representation of myself.


After some slight re-touching it was time to ‘destroy’ it, (making sure I got an original first). I decided to use silver glitter on the peace sign as well as highlighting my hair with a range of different colours. I was really pleased with the results and so happy to get involved in the projects at the Tate over the Hyperlink weekend.

As well as taking part in the Rankin workshop I also took part in the Exactitudes workshop; photographers that find groups of individuals and group them together using a recurring theme. I would recommend anyone interested in photography to defiantly get involved with the Tate Hyperlink festival next year, and of course a big thank you to FAD for getting me involved in the workshops to begin with.

Kat, 21

KatKat won the FAD Junior Awards at London Fashion Week in 2009. Now in her second year of a Commercial Photography degree at Bournemouth University she has already completed work placements with GQ Magazine and will spend this summer interning in New York.

For me being in front of the camera was a great shock as I’m used to being behind the lens, but I was made to feel very comfortable and of course Rankin knows exactly how to direct you and position you to achieve the best possible photo.

After my photo was taken and I had decided which one I preferred, I got to sit with the re-toucher which personally was really interesting to me as I just ended up chatting away about techniques. After the speedy re-touching process the image was printed and you had the chance to ‘destroy it’. Once Rankin had finished shooting I took the opportunity to speak to him further and his editorial co-ordinator Katie, who I have since been in contact with the hope of arranging an internship  at Hunger magazine.

Kat 01

What other FAD students had to say…
Láshan, 21

The Rankin workshop was a fantastic experience. Rankin greeted everybody in person and made us all feel welcome. I was the last to have my photograph taken and I didn’t know how I was going to pose. Rankin directed me and told me how to work the camera. I was so happy with the outcome. After the photographs were taken we were able to speak to the graphic designers and they told us how they were going to edit the photographs. Whilst I was waiting for my photograph to print I was thinking of the best way to ‘destroy’ my photograph and allow it to reflect my personality. I thought it was such an amazing day!

Shermmaine, 18

I had one of the greatest experiences working with Rankin at the Hyperlink Festival for his ‘Destroy Rankin’ workshop.  Being surrounded by professionals from the media, fashion and arts industry was quite intimidating at first but Rankin himself was really cool. He has a great humour and was very comfortable to work with. Such a shame that it ended so soon, but we all had great fun and really enjoyed the rest of the Hyperlink Festival.

Olivia, 17

My experience from the Rankin workshop was amazing! It was a pleasure meeting him. He was very friendly and gave off a great energy to everybody around him, the atmosphere was great! He has got an amazing team with him. When I went in to the workshop I got my make-up done by one of his team and I also got my hair styled. I was amazed by the result. I had a great time and a fantastic experience!

Jayde, 17

I am extremely grateful to have met and worked with Rankin. He was really down to earth and made the whole experience exiting. It also gave me an  insight into his working world. I learnt about the process of a photo shoot from editing the finished pictures to the importance of lighting. I really enjoyed the experience and would like to thank FAD for signing me up to this opportunity.

About Hyperlink

Hyperlink is curated by Tate Collective for young people aged 15–25 and is the first in a series of national festivals being developed as part of Circuit, a new national youth network for the visual arts.

The 3-day festival of art, music and fashion for young people took place in the Tate Modern’s new underground spaces.

Exploring the idea of the ‘six degrees of separation’, the event consisted of workshops, performances and installations with different artists, photographers, designers and musicians.


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