FAD Joins Who Cares? Trust at Parliament

Leadership Academy
On 17th April FAD Leadership Academy representative Hafsa, 18 joined Fran and Joanne at the  All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) for Looked After Children and Care Leavers chaired by the Who Cares? Trust.

We were there to support several young people from the Who Cares? Trust who took part in a recent project run by the FAD Leadership Academy. At Parliament they were wearing campaign t-shirts and bags they had printed in FAD workshops, designed to represent their personal thoughts on living in care.


Hafsa (left) with Who Cares? Trust volunteers at the APPG

The hot topic of debate was Relationships with Social Workers and Advisors. Young people from all over the country traveled to Parliament to have their say and talk about their own experiences in front of a panel of MPs and social care professionals. For Hafsa and the FAD team it was a really insightful experience which raised a lot of important issues around the challenges young people face growing up in care, and ways in which care leavers could benefit from greater support.

Well done to the young people and staff from the Who Cares? Trust for organising the event, especially to Ashley, 22, for being such a fantastic chair. Having heard them speak as part of the panel, we were also really impressed by the work that the Tope project is doing with young people who have left the care system. Make sure to check out their twitter page!

Read on to hear what FAD project leaders Hafsa and Sinead had to say about their latest project and working with the Who Cares? Trust.


Young people from the Who Cares? Trust proudly wearing their t-shirts

Hafsa, 18

“Working with The Who Care’s Trust was an incredible experience. There was a great sense of achievement at the end, on behalf of the people taking part and us as young leaders. Being similar ages with most of the charismatic people from The Who Care’s Trust it was easy to relate to each other, and learn from them whilst sharing our own knowledge too. Although this project required a lot of preparation, it was incredibly rewarding, with everyone sharing successful results at the end and enjoying the whole process. Overall it has been a positive experience that I have thoroughly enjoyed.


Sinead (left) in the printing workshop with young people from the Who Cares? Trust

Sinead, 20

“The whole idea of the young people wearing bags and t-shirts with messages to parliament to show their thoughts was a very cool thing. In the printing workshop there was more meaning behind everything, and seeing people’s designs come to life was very inspiring.

I think the Leadership Academy was really interested in working with young people in care because we felt people kind of forget about them and don’t think they have a voice. People don’t expect the same outcomes in life from young people in care, when actually they should be able to have the same opportunities as any other young person.

For me personally I learnt not to take things for granted.  The young people we met, some of them came from much tougher backgrounds but manage to smile and get on with things. I really respect the Who Cares? Trust and what they do with young people in care. It’s nice to know organisations like FAD and the Who Cares? Trusts exist.  Young people in general get such bad press; it’s important to know there are people looking out for us, wanting to work with us.”



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