FAD Young Leaders: Giving a Voice to Young People in Care

FAD Stories
One of the most inspiring FAD Leadership Academy (LA) projects to date is a recent collaboration with young people, aged 12-25 years old, from the Who Cares? Trust.

The project, headed up by FAD young leaders Hafsa, 18, Kat, 21, Philip, 21 and Sinead, 20, had a positive political aim – to create campaign t-shirts and shopper bags which reflect the life and thoughts of young people living in care.


Making a Fashion Statement

These fashion statements will be worn by young people from the Who Cares? Trust at the next All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) for Looked After Children and Care Leavers, which they will be chairing at the Houses of Parliament on Wednesday 17th April 2013.

The APPG meetings are an important way for young people in care to let MP’s and those in charge know what they really think about the system. Wearing their own campaign garments to Parliament is all about re-enforcing the messages they want to get across.



Working with The Who Cares? Trust

The project came to life after FAD’s young leaders approached the Who Cares? Trust  earlier this year to discuss potential ways they could work together, and the specific needs of young people in care.

From this meeting the LA put together an interactive taster session to introduce the young people of the Who Cares? Trust to the idea of creating a fashion campaign. It was an important workshop for our young leaders, as they had to gain the trust of the young people involved as well as encourage them to share their own aspirations and ideas for the project.



From this inspiring first workshop, FAD’s young leaders then mentored the Who Cares? Trust members through the design process, before booking in a day of screen printing at Sonsoles print studio in Peckham. It was a fun day for everyone involved, as the young campaigners learnt how to screen print onto fabric, working as a team to bring their campaign messages to life on t-shirts and bags.

See more of these fantastic finished designs below & look out for the next update from FAD’s young leaders as they head to the Houses of Parliament this week.





Learn more about the amazing work of the Who Cares? Trust on their website. You can also follow them on twitter @WhoCaresTrust


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