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Serife, 18, from Lewisham won the 2012 FAD Junior Awards at London Fashion Week, sponsored by George at Asda. Here she talks about her week with the George trend team at their London HQ.
By George, I’m at George!
2012 FAD Junior Awards Winner, Serife Aged 18

2012 FAD Junior Awards Winner, Serife Aged 18

“Heading down Carnaby Street never felt so right before my first day at the George office. I was about to start a week-long internship with the trends team – part of my prize for winning FAD.

I didn’t know what to expect when I walked through the polished glass doors, but once I stepped into the office surrounded by moodboards, clothing samples and desks stacked with fashion magazines, a whole different kind of excitement hit me; an excitement involving my future.

As I took a seat I knew I would be comfortable in this welcoming environment. Trend Assistant Rosa came to greet me and explain the jobs involved when working within the trends team at George. Rosa kindly supported me for the week which I was pleased about as she was lovely.

After the introduction Rosa handed me a very large and heavy bright book containing colour palettes for Fall 2014/ 15 to look through, before dashing back to her presentation with the FAD Fashion Futures students. I really enjoyed going through the colour trend book.  I was getting a look at the trends to come and I instantly knew that trends would be a new obsession for me!”

Researching Trends
Serife & Rosa working on the trends boards

Serife & Rosa working on the trends boards

“I was lucky to be given plenty of responsibilities throughout my week with George, which was great. I managed tasks which were alien to me, such as creating colour based moodboards and exploring exclusive trend sites for the most up to date trends from New York, London, Paris and Milan Fashion Weeks.

I cut out swatches from the pages of the large colour trend books and arranged them with garment photos according to trends. I really enjoyed developing this because it allowed me to experience one of the first stages in the trends research process.



My favourite task was organising all the trend reports into categories of style, shape & detail, colour, fabric, print & pattern and theme. The reports were refreshed daily during the fashion weeks. My job was to sort and arrange them on tall screens in the George office so the key looks could be clearly visible to all the team.

Seeing the outcome of the catwalk trends at the end of the week was really exciting. I had built a collection of themes; each screen being covered in a colour trend or print trend for example. It was great seeing which textiles were most favoured on the catwalk or which colours weren’t so popular for the season.  It gives George and other fashion companies a glimpse of what fabrics are best suited for the coming season, or which trends will be successful within the high-street market.”

My Last Day
Tate Modern Poster for the Lichtenstein Exhibition

Tate Modern Poster for the Lichtenstein Exhibition

“For my last day at George Rosa took me to the Roy Lichtenstein exhibition at the Tate Modern to get a feel of what was current in London, as  being in the trends team doesn’t only involve looking at fashion but also the art and cultural trends around us.

This was probably one of the most useful parts of my week as over coffee Rosa and I got to talk about her work at George and other things like her university course, and the collection she created for her degree. Rosa also told me of the different jobs her friends had within the fashion sectors which was an eye opener, and was great to hear about all the different fashion companies they have been involved with.  As I’m still in college it’s really inspiring to hear stories from others who had similar hopes and ambitions and have already started on their journey.

Serife on the catwalk at London Fashion Week with her winning FAD design

Serife on the catwalk at London Fashion Week with her winning FAD design

My week at George was wonderful and an experience I will never let go of. I learnt so much and discovered new interests through working with such an inspirational team. Before my week at George I would have stuck strictly to fashion design, but after working in trends I have discovered a different side to the fashion industry which I would love to explore even more, maybe within childrenswear or tailoring, anything outside my comfort zone because it has widened my enthusiasm for the fashion industry.

I had such a great time with the George team at the London office and would like to thank everyone for making me feel welcome and especially Rosa for taking me on and helping me build up my confidence within a new and working environment. Also a massive thank you to the FAD team who have given me the opportunity to grow, believing in me and for giving me my first official internship within fashion which I will be forever grateful for.”

This work placement was made possible thanks to FAD sponsors George at Asda:


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