Styling for Boohoo: Kai, 17

FAD Stories
Salford City College student Kai was a finalist in the 2012 FAD Junior Awards last year. As a result of taking part in the FAD final at Fashion Scout, he was offered a one week placement with the styling team. A fantastic achievement for any 17 year old! Here he writes about his week in industry.


“Walking through Manchester city center to start the first day of my placement with Boohoo was nerve racking to say the least. I did not know what to expect or what I would be doing for the week. I must say I was very pleasantly surprised, I was allowed to spend the majority of my time there in the studio helping out with styling and the famous sample sale.

When I entered the building I walked up the stairs and was greeted by the lovely Jen Gladman (stylist who chose me to take the placement). She walked me through the head office and showed me every part of the business from behind the scenes.  I was most excited about the studio department. I gazed down the corridor and could see people rushing around with their arms filled with accessories, dresses and shoes. People at work editing photographs taken just metres away, and at the end of the corridor was the catwalk. This is where the styled outfits are filmed to go onto the website. I was in heaven.



My first task whilst at Boohoo was to organise the sample sale. I had to place posters around the building advertising the time, date and prices. Once this was done I got to spend the next two days in the attic unpacking boxes upon boxes of shoes, coats, tops, jeans, dresses, leggings, handbags, jewelry and knitwear. I didn’t want to leave. I was shocked once it was over to hear that I had helped raise over £1,000 for charity with my efforts.

My final task was the most amazing. I helped with the Boohoo fashion show at Liverpool Fashion Week. I was given the honour of styling the 3 menswear looks, as well as helping with details of the women’s styling. I was filled with adrenaline backstage as I had to do the models changes. I never thought it was possible to get a person out of a full outfit and into a completely different one within 30 seconds!

I am really looking forward to joining the team at Boohoo again in the future as I was sad to leave. I would like to thank Boohoo for this fantastic experience and FAD for giving me the stepping stone into the opportunity.”


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