Fashion Futures 2013: Constructing Futures


It seems like only yesterday the 2013 Fashion Futures project launched at the V&A with 16-18 year olds from across London, and now we are already approaching jury day and the end of the course.

FF2 2013_Construct_01

FF2 2013_Construct_01 (1)

Over the past 10 weeks the students have been taking part in practical fashion workshops with the FAD team in Hackney and Lewisham. They have learnt everything about the design process, from putting together research books and design development to technical drawing, pattern cutting and construction.

Needless to say the last two sessions have involved a lot of manic and concentrated sewing as the young designers work hard to complete their garments before jury day on Saturday 23rd March. A massive thank you to our teachers and industry volunteers who have been on-hand to mentor and guide the teenagers through the pattern cutting and construction process.

FF2 2013_Construct_01 (2)

FF2 2013_Construct_01 (3)

FF2 2013_Construct_01 (4)

Watch out for next week’s posts on the jury days in London, when the Fashion Futures students will present their work to an industry panel in the hope of being selected for the next stage of the project – the 2013 FAD Junior Awards final at London Fashion Week!

As always there is an abundance of talent from across many schools, colleges and boroughs so it will be a tough decision for our jury, which this year among others, includes Fashion Futures sponsor George at Asda and FAD media partners The MUSE.TV.

FF2 2013_Construct_01 (5)

FF2 2013_Construct_01 (6)

FF2 2013_Construct_01 (7)

FF2 2013_Construct_01 (8)

FF2 2013_Construct_01 (9)

Fashion Futures is proudly sponsored by George at Asda, in association with media partners The MUSE.TV



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