FAD Stories: 3 Years On, Philip

FAD Stories
Philip grew up in Hackney under the shadow of gang violence. Since leaving school he has become a hard working and determined young man. With his sights set firmly on a career in the fashion industry, his passion for helping others shines through in his role as an FAD volunteer and young leader.


Three years on from Fashion Futures, tell us where you are now?

“I am currently studying a BA at the University of Westminster doing Fashion Design. I am also interning at Richard Nicoll, learning loads about menswear and gaining a great insight into garment production.”

How has being part of FAD benefited you?

“It has made me think more clearly about my future and what I really want to do. Working with FAD has helped me rebuild my self-esteem, as well as giving me confidence with my work and helping others. The best part for me is meeting and working with people from the industry, I have learnt how to network. I thought people from the industry could be pretty scary, but meeting them through FAD has made me realise many are just normal and really nice.”



What was the best part of being a Fashion Futures Finalist?

“The opportunity FAD gave me to show something I had designed at London Fashion Week – that is just something that would never have happened otherwise, especially at only 18. I wouldn’t have developed the confidence, the contacts and also the skills needed for industry if it wasn’t for Fashion Futures and working with FAD.”

What do you think are the biggest challenges facing young people like you who want to work in the creative industries?

“As a young adult getting into the industry, I feel that the hardest thing is getting a job at the end of studying. Many students now are just interning for experience and sadly there are some designers that exploit this opportunity rather than having to employ people. Also I worry there are not enough jobs with the overload of people studying creative subjects.”

What piece of advice would you give to other young people?

“Fashion is hard work. If it’s something you really like, follow your heart. If it’s something that you think is easy or you want to do fashion because you think it’s cool, go study something else!”

What is your dream for the future?

“To have my own business and be successful around the globe.”

See more of Philip’s design work at: cargocollective.com/philipluu

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