FAD Junior Awards: Teen Street Style

Be Inspired

Proving they know how to style it up for an occasion, the 2012 FAD Junior Award finalists didn’t disappoint when they turned out for the catwalk final at London Fashion Week last week.

From Queen Titiania inspired headresses and colour blocking to elegant grunge, feast your eyes on our pick of style from the 2012 FAD finalists.

Photographs shot by Andrew Ha and Kasey Newton.

Midsummer Night’s Green

Anita , 17, Finalist from Hackney

‘Green Team’: Anita, 17 from Hackney & Angelica, 18 from Barking & Dagenham

Colour Blocking Queens

Hannah, 17, Finalist from Islington

Perspex  fluro clutch worn by Stephanie, 17, Finalist from Newham

Just a dash of pink. Eva Blessing, 17, Finalist from Tower Hamlets

Robyn, 19, Finalist from Westminster

‘Pretty’ Grungey

Mixing vintage with a touch of grunge glamour: Rachael, 18, Finalist from Salford

Toni-Louise, 18, Finalist from Lewisham


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