FAD & Wallis: ‘Careers Carousel’

Careers + Advice, FAD Projects
One of the highlights of the recent FAD & Wallis Fashion Active project was the ‘Careers Carousel’ – an afternoon of informal talks and mentoring from the Wallis fashion team.

“I really enjoyed meeting so many people with first hand experience of the fashion industry. Career wise the volunteers really helped me, I feel inspired to get the ball rolling.” Rosa, 15 (Lambeth)

The 15 year old students rotated in small groups, spending time with each set of professionals; from looking through portfolios with Wallis designers, and talking to buyers about what it takes to do their role, to one-on-one career mentoring with the Wallis HR team.

Reflecting the ‘Active’ angle of the project FAD were also very lucky to have two athletes running an interactive session on the importance of fitness and healthy living in achieving goals.

It was a fantastic afternoon giving the young Fashion Active students an overview of the breadth of careers available in the creative industries, as well as the confidence to make the choices they need to get there.

See more blog posts from the FAD & Wallis Fashion Active Project here.

“The careers afternoon with Wallis helped me to know what steps to take next and how to make myself stand out from other aspiring designers.” Becky, 15 (Greenwich)

“I think the course was amazing – thank you for such an incredible experience!  I have learnt a lot about fashion and many techniques to use in fashion. I have learned about the real world and how things work in the fashion industry from the volunteers at Wallis.” Rasmiya, 15 (Greenwich)


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