New East London Embroiderers: Young Stitchers Part 2

New East London Embroiderers
Week two at Hackney CVS and FAD welcomes the next group of enthusiastic New East London Embroiderers to our temporary stitching studio in the heart of Dalston.

“I’d never heard of heritage embroidery before this project. This was my first time doing embroidery and I really enjoyed it.” Jacira, Age 15, Cumberland School

Working alongside our young NELE volunteers, the 14-19 year olds picked up the embroidery baton and set to work on panels for the final two NELE garments. Inspired by the heritage embroideries and breath-taking interiors of Kensington Palace, they combined their research with modern elements to create a unique patchwork of stitched stories.

It really has been remarkable to observe young people so patiently engaged with embroidery, and really encouraging to think heritage techniques can still have a place and appeal in an era of social media, video games and reality TV.

As a result of all their hard work and focus the teenager’s embroideries look incredible! Along with the panels from the first school group and Praxis they will now be sewn into six modern heritage garments by FAD volunteers, ready to be showcased at Kensington Palace and the Knitting & Stitching Show in October 2012.

To see more photographs of the finished NELE embroideries please visit the FAD Flickr page.

FAD would like to say a massive thank you to the Heritage Lottery Fund for supporting this inspiring project! For more information on NELE please visit our website.

“I knew nothing about embroidery. My knowledge was very limited. Taking part in this course has given me a great insight into the history of embroidery and creative stitch. I have learnt in the past the more embroidery you had on your clothes the more it was worth. People would have bits of their heritage or something meaningful to them embroidered into their clothes.” Angelica, 18, Barking & Dagenham College

“The heritage of embroidery is so interesting and I think other people will enjoy learning about it.” Sagal, Aged 15, Camden School for Girls


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