New East London Embroiderers: Young Stitchers Part 1

New East London Embroiderers
Having spent a day researching heritage embroidery at Kensington Palace, the first cohort of budding stitchers from schools across East London headed to join FAD in Hackney to embark on the next and most exciting stage of the project.

“The project taught me to be patient with stitching, team work and various stitches I could use again in the future.” Theresa, Age 14, Cumberland School (Newham)

Their mission, in the space of just a few days, was to design and create embroideries to cover panels from two of the six New East London Embroiderers (NELE) garments which will be put on public display later this year. With instruction from embroidery expert Anthea Godfrey and the support of FAD’s young NELE volunteers, the teenagers put their new found techniques to the test with inspiring results.

Using traditional wooden embroidery frames and working on peach and turquoise glazed cotton, their finished textiles will form the basis of two garments which have been designed by NELE volunteers; the ‘Satin Stitch’ Sheath Dress and the ‘Stem Stitch’ Dress & Jacket.

The NELE project is made possible thanks to the support of the Heritage Lottery Fund. For more photographs of the finished embroideries please visit FAD’s Flickr page.

“I would love to see the garments we make displayed anywhere young people could be inspired by them. I think it’s a good skill to learn.” Anisa , Age 15, Stoke Newington School

“I’ve learnt that embroidery is a skill passed through many generations and goes back a long time ago in the UK’s history. It’s be used for hundreds of years and in haute couture.” Aileas, Aged 15, Stoke Newington


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