New East London Embroiderers: Volunteer ‘Stitch In’

New East London Embroiderers
Here is the latest update from our young stitching volunteers…
Having spent a day at Kensington Palace, the next challenge awaiting our New East London Embroiderer volunteers was to put some heritage embroidery techniques to the test.

Luckily for them the NELE project has the support of embroidery expert and former Chairman of the Embroiderers Guild, Anthea Godfrey. This month Anthea led two very successful ‘stitch in’ training sessions with our young volunteers in Hackney.

The first session began with learning how to stretch a frame, as couture embroiderers have done for centuries and still do in many of the couture fashion houses today. Anthea also demonstrated some basic but key heritage stitches, including simple stem stitch and satin stitch.

The second session covered more complex techniques from beading and French knots to couching with ribbons and chains. Anthea also brought along some sumptuous embroidery samples from her own archive, to show the relevance of different heritage techniques in modern, fashion embroidery.

The eager volunteers will now put the stitches they have learnt to good use in the first series of workshops with young refugees and asylum seekers at PRAXIS in Bethnal Green. Look out for more blog posts coming on those workshops soon!

In the meantime learn more about the New East London Embroiderers Project here, or follow us on twitter @fadcharity #NewEastLondonEmbroiderers for the latest news.


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