Randa’s Graduate Fashion Week Sound-Bites

FAD Stories
Aspiring Fashion Journalist and Fashion Futures 2012 teen Randa Kherba, from Camden won the FAD & George Journalism Competition earlier this month.

Last week she spent a day with the George PR team at Graduate Fashion Week, reporting on the shows and picking up top tips from industry VIP’s.

Here are Randa’s Graduate Fashion Week soundbites. Enjoy!


Fiona Lambert, George at Asda Brand Director

“Graduate Fashion week is the home of fashion for tomorrow.”

Advice to young designers…

Be curious. Be a human sponge.”

 Hilary Alexander (left) talking with Fiona Lambert (right)

Hilary Alexander, Fashion Luminary & Top Fashion Journalist

On going to university…

“Going to university portrays a sort of commitment. You become disciplined because of the many deadlines and you’re exposed to all sorts.”

Advice on becoming a fashion journalist…

“Write at every available possibility.”

Wendy Dagworthy, Head of MA Fashion at Royal College of Art

On studying fashion and design…

“Sketchbooks don’t have to be neat. They show your thought mechanism.”

“Have confidence in your work. Take risks, but not stupid risks.”

“Enjoy it. When you stop enjoying it, stop doing it.”

(from left) Wendy Dagworthy, Hilary Alexander and Cressida Pye

Cressida Pye, Smith & Pye Fashion Consultancy

 On starting out in the industry…

“We never discourage people from starting their own label but you have to have a burning passion.”

“It’s great to dream. At this stage keep your options fairly open. Many people who work with the best now have a wide, broad experience.”

On job interviews…

“Your portfolio is one of the most important things we look at. Portfolios are your communication skills to the industry.”

“Good design is a route to everything. People who’re truly passionate & dedicated actually make it!”

Colin McDowell (centre) talks to designers Jean-Pierre Braganza and Marcus Wilmont

Colin McDowell, Creative Director of Fashion Fringe

(Collin seems to be a very wise man who has a lot of straightforward advice that would help bring people back down to reality.)

“Missionaries never get rich. If you’re presenting people with things you don’t understand you’ll go bust”

“Networking is very, very important in the fashion industry.”

“You can’t start right at the top. There are too many shows in London Fashion Week to keep your sanity.”

Jean-Pierre Braganza, Designer

(Jean-Pierre talked about importance of taking internships. Through these experiences & by eavesdropping he has learnt about the fashion industry).

“Truth of the matter in London, press is important. It helps get recognition from buyers to have faith in your label when you meet them.”

“We’re trapped in a post-modern world. We’re cannibalising ideas. I feel as though everything’s been done.”

Marcus Wilmont, Aminaka Wilmont

“Understand where to prioritise, where to spend the money. Students spend so much on expensive fabrics when they graduate. You should focus on putting it in your sales strategy. Where you’re going to sell it etc.”

“It’s an incredible work-pressure. It’s our 10th collection. We work 7 hours a week and 12 hours a day.”

Randa was a participant of FAD Fashion Futures 2012. Read more about her day at Graduate Fashion Week here. Also make sure to check out Randa’s blog for more of her fashionable musings.

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