My Graduate Fashion Week: Randa,16

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Hello everybody, my name is Randa.
I entered my submission for the FAD & George Fashion Journalism Competition and to my surprise I was one of the lucky winners who was chosen to go to Graduate Fashion Week (GFW).

I was given the opportunity to take on the role as a fashion journalist for the day. As I arrived to the venue I was welcomed by the lovely Karina from George, and we rushed straight to meet PR Bee for a quick briefing with George’s fabulous press team. To be honest I don’t think this experience would’ve been as good if I hadn’t have been around such sweet people.

After five minutes walking around the venue I suddenly had this feeling of happiness. The feeling of being in a room surrounded by people who’re strongly passionate about the same thing as me brought a little smile to my face. From my experience GFW is not as tense as London Fashion Week. Although people would stare, it didn’t feel as though they were looking into your soul!

Me with Fiona Lambert from George

My main brief for the day was to collect sound bites and quotes. Short snappy sentences of comments being said at the ‘Audience With…’ events on the George stand, as well as scribbling down notes reporting on the graduate’s fashion shows. You can read some of my top sound bites from the day here.

For some of you who don’t know who the amazing Hilary Alexander is, she’s a recent addition to the existing GFW Executive Committee and a real fashion luminary. She’s a very well-known fashion journalist and she’s absolutely the cutest! She was in charge of asking questions to Fiona Lambert who is George at Asda’s Brand Director about their competition ‘Best of British’ which FAD was involved in. Also, I was lucky to be there for the talk between Wendy Dagworthy, Head of MA Fashion at Royal College of Art and Cressida Pye from Smith & Pye Fashion Consultancy.

Fashion luminary, Hilary Alexander (she’s the cutest!) interviews Fiona Lambert on the George stand

At the shows!

Being ‘on the job’, I quickly realised fashion journalism is not as glamorous as it seems. It’s extremely tiring as you are on your feet all day, so I advise you, if you are going to work in this section of the fashion industry make sure to wear some comfortable shoes. For example as soon as I had finished collecting sound bites from a show, I had to return straight to the press room to quickly type it up. Before you know it, it’s time for the next show or event. However, as Jean-Pierre Braganza said “Who needs sleep. You can sleep when you die.” In the end, it’s all absolutely worth it. You meet amazing people, learn so many new things and you get unlimited tea and sandwiches!

I strongly recommend anyone who has a slight interest of fashion to check out Graduate Fashion Week next year. You get a taste of different styles, you’re exposed to the great outcomes of many students and their processes (which you don’t get to see very often) and it’s a lovely opportunity to meet new people.

I hope you enjoyed reading this and maybe even learnt a thing or two. Take care.

Read more of Randa’s musings on the world of fashion and design on her blog:

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