Fashion Futures 2012: Creating Patterns

Last week Manchester Project Manager Reyes and volunteer co-coordinator Varsha spent a week in workshops with 16-18 year olds students from FAD’s Fashion Futures 2012 project.

Unlike the London students who took part in a series of Saturday workshops over a course of weeks, the Manchester students completed the project in one intensive block.  Last week armed with their ‘Great British Designs’, the young designers arrived at the University of Salford’s fashion department ready to take on their next challenge – pattern cutting and construction.

The teenagers started off the week off by creating flat drawings onto pattern paper to make their 2D designs come to life. It was a tricky start for most of the students, however with a little encouragement from FAD’s industry professionals and the fashion tutors at the University of Salford they were well on their way to sewing their final garments after just two days.

See pictures of the project in progress below and look out for the Salford jury day post coming tomorrow!

Fashion Futures 2012 is sponsored by George at Asda


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