Rock & Roll Queen: Kasey, 17

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Kasey, 17, hopes to get into styling one day, and loves mixing modern pieces with her own punky British touch. We catch up with the FAD Fashion Futures teen to talk through her ‘Best of British’ looks for George at Asda.

Describe your personal style.

K: “My style changes from day-to-day depending on my mood. I like to mix modern pieces with punk and rock and roll elements, such as skinny jeans and red DM’s.”

What George garments did you choose to customise/style & how?

K:“I customised a high neck white shift dress and crochet cardigan. I took the sleeves off the dress and lowered the neckline. I also cut the dress in half to add a section of the orange crochet cardigan at the waist before putting the dress back together.

The other look was ¾ length jeans cut into hot pants, a metallic stripy top that I added embellishment to and a khaki jacket that I styled up with some black fringing.”

What inspired your designs?

K:“The white dress took inspiration from the 50’s and 60’s, as this was when the Queen was first crowned. The second outfit I took influence from my own personal ‘British’ style.”

Where would you wear your different looks?

K:“The white & orange crochet dress is something I would wear as an evening out garment, while the other look is more day-to-day.”


All of Kasey’s designs were created using garments donated by George at Asda, sponsors of Fashion Futures 2012.


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