Historical Style: Anita, 17

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Anita took part in Fashion Futures 2012 workshops in North London earlier this year having previously taken part in Fashion Futures (level 1) when she was just 15.  We catch up with the budding designer to talk about the inspiration behind her ‘Best of British’ looks for George at Asda.

Anita, 17, models George at Asda re-styled blue dress inspired by ‘sports luxe’Queenly inspired collar with zip & floral details

Describe your personal style

A: “Quirky with a modern historical touch.”

What George garments did you choose to customise/style? Talk us through the steps involved in transforming your garments.

  • Cream shirt with black sequinned collar and cuffs
  • Blue dress with faux leather collar
  • Floral print pyjama trousers

 A:“There was a lot of deconstructing in my work. On my shirt I made it backless and used bias binding to create hanging details. With the blue dress I cut out the sides and replaced it with a contrasting fabric and zip details. I also embellished the collar with 3D pieces.”

Floral ‘crown’ modelled with customised blouse featuring ‘medal inspired’ details

What inspired your designs?

A:“I tried to combine the Olympics and the Queen’s jubilee together to come up with the theme of celebration; two events celebrating the achievements of people in the public eye.

The blue dress was inspired by sports luxe, a big trend on the 2012 S/S catwalks.  The straps on the back of the shirt represent medals and the beading on the end represents the Queen’s ‘Diamond’ jubilee.”

Where would you wear your different looks?

 A:“The shirt is quite quirky so something I would wear to a bar/club. The dress I would wear everyday!”

All of Anita’s designs were created using garments donated by George at Asda, sponsors of Fashion Futures 2012.


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