‘Best of British’: Styling Workshop for George

Be Inspired

This year is an exciting one for creative charity FAD. Based in Hackney, east London we will be right at the centre of this summer’s very ‘British’ Olympic and Jubilee celebrations.

Flying the flag for George, union jack nails sported by Toni-Louise, 18, and royal blue hot pants for young stylist  Janice, 19

‘Buttoned up’ denim shorts by Faith, 16

We are also very proud to be sponsored by one of the UK largest retailers George at Asda, who are supporting Fashion Futures 2012 students across London and Manchester.

These two elements came together recently in a one off re-styling and customising workshop organised by FAD in collaboration with George. Inspired by London 2012 and the Jubilee celebrations, 10 London teenagers took up the challenge to create and style their own ‘Best of British’ looks using garments donated by George.

The Fashion Futures 2012 stylists spent a day in the FAD design studio with racks of fantastic fashion samples, boxes of trimmings and a few hardy Bernina sewing machines. After they completed their re-inventions, they took street shots to feature on the FAD blog and send back to the designers at George HQ in Leicester.

Look out for interviews with our aspiring stylists and street shots of their finished looks coming soon to the FAD blog.

If you are a retailer who would like to donate garments for an FAD customising workshop please email fran@fad.org.uk or follow us on twitter @fadcharity

(from left) Fashion Futures 2012 London teens LaToya, 17; Toyosi, 16; Kasey, 17 & Janice, 19

Design duo Latoya, 17 & Priya, 16 re-inventing a spotted dress

Anita, 17, creating ‘medals’ to embellish her outfit

See  interviews from ‘Best of British’ stylists Kasey and Anita, talking about their George at Asda creations.


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