Fashion Futures 2012: Illustrated

The last of our blog posts from the Fashion Futures 2012 jury day in London pays homage to the student’s fantastic fashion illustration work. Representing their design visions, here are FAD’s top picks from North & South. Enjoy!

 Santa Steponaviciute, aged 17 and Sharmin Akhtar, aged 17

Rita Chamberlain, aged 16

Gabriella Adach, aged 17

Sharon Mwangi, aged 17 and Robyn Yeang, aged 19 

Rebecca Webster, aged 17 and Sophia Rashid, aged 18

Blessing Onyeulo, aged 16

Dominique Robinson, aged 16 and Florence Tambini-Cooper, aged 16

Kimberly Hawmmond, aged 17 and Maria Herrera, aged 17

Ezoe Robinson, aged 18


One thought on “Fashion Futures 2012: Illustrated

  1. I was lucky to see some of this work in the flesh. Great to see Gabriella and Robyn on here…their work was beautiful!
    Lovely to see all this work, well done everyone!

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