Fashion Futures 2012: ‘Behind the Screens’

Half term is usually a time for most young people to take a break and enjoy a lie in. Not the eager recruits of Fashion Futures however. Having already taken part in industry workshops with George earlier in the week, the students joined the FAD team once again, this time for a tutorial in the fine art of screen printing.

Students returned to their research and design development to come up with original placement prints inspired by the brief โ€˜Great British Designโ€™. As always it was a popular session with the young designers enjoying the instant results of transferring ink to fabric.

Half term marks a key point in the project as the young designers now embark on the final few weeks of Fashion Futures workshops. Keep up to date with their progress right here on the FAD Blog.

For more information on Fashion Futures 2012, please visit

Fashion Futures 2012 is sponsoredย  by George at Asda


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