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FAD Stories
Andre 18 & Justin 20, a.k.a Andre & Cuthbertson are the creative duo behind the photoshoot in this month’s FAD Magazine. We catch up with the talented twosome to talk about the shoot and why they volunteer with FAD.

Start by telling us a little bit about Andre&Cuthbertson? Why and how did you get started?

J: We began making concept ideas back in April 2011. Andre was still at college doing Photography and Textiles, and at the time I was at Middlesex University studying Advertising Media and PR whilst interning at a Fashion PR Office. So we merged it all together to create Andre&Cuthbertson (A&C).

A: I didn’t want to lose the subjects like photography when specialising in fashion design, so it seemed like a great idea to carry on these as hobbies through A&C.

As well as working hard on A&C, what else are you up to?

A: I’m currently studying at UCA Epsom on an Art & Design Foundation, hopefully to go on and do a degree in fashion design.

J: I am currently studying my Foundation in Professional Photography accredited by the University of Westminster.

Can you tell us a little bit about the planning of the shoot – who else was involved?

J: We already knew that we wanted to use Dani J as the face after seeing her at various different events and recognising her from ITV2 Models, Misfits and Mayhem we really loved her image.

A: Once she was on board we approached Artist James Bell to create the backdrops for us as he was at Justin’s previous University, so we were already very keen on his work. We found Lara Lockwood and after seeing her make-up work we automatically knew that we wanted her to do the shoot, her previous features already envisioned the type of colours and detail that we had in our own ideas.

J: Our Hairstylist was Jordan Blake-Klein. Tommy Bruce the videographer currently works at one of the magazines we contribute for, and having him there on the day added another edge to the shoot.

A: We also had an Assistant Photographer, Darren Orbell. He is somebody whose opinions we really value – he is always on side to lend a hand and give advice. One the creative team was in place, we put together some mood boards to give everyone a starting point. After that, we left it open to individuals to make it their own.

What was the concept behind the shoot?

J: Ideas can stem from many things, such as a designers collection or simply just from our heads. We wanted to take the colourful FAD collections and really play on them and this is when we got artist James Bell involved.

A: We wanted to make sure that the shoot was fun, happy and colourful and embodied what FAD are about and also what Andre&Cuthbertson are about.

What made you decide to volunteer with FAD?

J: FAD is such a positive organization. Automatically you can feel the warmth surrounding their shows, their students and even just by taking a visit to the FAD Office. We really believe in what the FAD Charity stands for. Since Andre participated in 2010 they have shown willingness and support not just for him as an individual but also the work of A&C. So for us it’s about giving back to a cause that we feel strongly towards and privileged to be a part of.

Andre – as Justin mentioned you took part in Fashion Futures, and were one of the runners-up of the 2010 FAD Junior Awards. How did the project help you and what opportunities did it bring?

A: Wow, well I have to say having been a runner-up at the award show confirmed to me that I wanted to do Fashion Design and that was what I was going to be. FAD opened up so many doors for me including my internship at River Island Head Office. I learnt so much at my time there, specifically not to specialise in one area too soon as it could limit me in getting a job after I graduate.

FAD aren’t just there for the time, I’d say they are there until the end.  Even after finishing the project they were still there to give advice and support and that’s something which really makes me proud to have been a part of FAD.

Any advice/tips for young people wanting to get into styling & photography like you?

J: Just go for it, there is nothing stopping you from getting a camera, a location, a friend and clothes and start shooting away. Use the Internet –  it is such a great tool for sharing your work across the world. Someone somewhere is bound to see it and love it and you never known might be that one person to give you a chance.

What do you love most about what you do?

A: For me personally, it’s the people you meet along the way and the friendships you can create. I also love sharing our work with people and hearing the feedback or even how many ‘likes’ or ‘retweets’ our work can get, it’s all very exciting.

J: As well as working with some fantastically talented people. I love the crafting of concepts and finally putting them down to the test in our styling and photography sessions. I think a big part of it is that we really love it; we never stop in our heads. We are always creating!

What is next for A&C?

J: We just want to keep growing and growing doing something that we really enjoy and carry on learning. We have an upcoming Photo Shoot with the work of RCA Student James Pilcher, we have just finished working with a great band Nimmo And The Gauntletts on their new video. We just hope that we are able to carry on advancing and be the best we can be.

Andre&Cuthbertson’s photoshoot of FAD’s Fashion Futures 2011 finalists will feature in the new edition of the FAD Magazine published later this month. For more information on the creative duo visit:


Watch the amazing behind the scenes film by young videographer Tommy Bruce.


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