FAD STORIES: Working 9 to 5 with Sabine, 19

FAD Stories

FAD talks to 2011 FAD Junior Award Winner, Sabine Bindere, 19, on her last day of placement with George at Asda.

So Sabine, how has the past two weeks been? What kind of things have you been up to at George?

“I’ve been doing a lot of research over the past two weeks – looking at trend books, researching online, going through newspapers and taking clippings of anything fashion or culture related. Everything from theatre and exhibitions to who the new faces are.

I found the trend books really inspiring – the colours I would definitely like use in my own design work, or when I start uni. It’s crazy to think I’ve seen what the colours for S/S 2013 are going to be.”

What’s been some of the best bits for you? What have you learnt?

“George have really helped me to realise how it works. This business is very competitive and commercial. The customer is really important and as a retailer they want to provide the best they can give.

Just having this whole experience with George, what it’s like to work full time, meeting new people and listening to their perspectives on the fashion and design industry. I’ve just enjoyed making the most of this opportunity really.”

What do you think about George for giving you this opportunity?

“I think George are really good – very beneficial. I think it’s very important to have people like FAD and George who are willing to help young people like me get experience and opportunities.”

Do you think you would be where you are now if you hadn’t done FAD?

“No way – FAD have helped me in every single way possible. The whole experience was amazing. I don’t even have words for it. It makes me smile every time I think about London Fashion Week and seeing my garment on the catwalk. I think there should be more charities like FAD helping young people. They open doors for you, really.”

What do you think the industry could do more of to help young people like you?

“Keep giving people opportunities to express themselves. I think this (FAD) is amazing; I would do it every year. Just more programmes that young people can show their talent and challenge themselves and express themselves through.”

Finally Sabine, what’s next for you? Where would you like to be in a year’s time.

“I really want to go to uni and get more work experience as well. I want to try and learn as much as I can, get more skills so I can be the best I can. I’ve already experienced what it’s like to show at London Fashion Week, to see something I’ve created showcased on a catwalk. It’s that which makes me want to work hard and make the most of everything.”


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