FAD STORIES: Tracey Bartlett, Senior Designer at ASOS

FAD Competition, FAD Stories

FAD was pleased to welcome back past winner Tracey Bartlett to take part in the 2011 FAD Competition jury earlier this year. Since winning almost a decade ago, Tracey has gone on to carve out a successful career as a designer for some of the high streets top retailers. We take a moment to catch up.

Hello Tracey. Start by telling us which FAD project or competition  you took part in?
2002 Urban Vintage

Wow, so one of the first Competitions! Where are you working now?

We love ASOS at FAD. What’s your role within the company? 

I’m a Senior designer working on ASOS’s premium ranges: ASOS BLACK, ASOS REVIVE and ASOS SALON.

That must be a lot of fun. Do you think taking part in the FAD Competition helped you on a professional/personal level to be where you are now?

The FAD Competition was a great platform to raise my profile and help me gain that essential confidence before tackling my final collection pieces. Working on the brief allowed me to define my handwriting and style as a designer, which is so important when you are in your final year and are facing the prospect of showcasing your ideas to the world. I won a placement with designer Elspeth Gibson which led to a full-time position working on London fashion week pieces. An amazing experience!  

What else have you done since FAD?

Oasis bought my final graduate collection and reproduced it for their flagship store. Since then I have worked with several high street companies including Whistles, Elspeth Gibson, Wallis and I have now been at ASOS for 2 years, joining to work on going out dresses before moving to work on their premium ranges.

What is next for you?
Who knows, I have so many ideas at the moment. ASOS is a great place to be and the product is addictive, it seems there are no boundaries to where I can take it and how creative I can be. ASOS is not like most high street companies – it thrives on risk taking. I am still passionate about starting my own business in the near future and am glad I have had the opportunity to gain some great contacts to help me to do this.


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