FAD STORIES: ‘Jersey Girl’ Alicia Launches New Collection

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After another bleary London down pour it wasn’t just the sun bringing a smile to our faces at the FAD office. We received a lovely new look book from designer and 2008 FAD Competition winner, Alicia Stone, launching her debut collection of luxe-jersey womenswear.

Alicia’s designs are aimed at women who appreciate quality, comfort and casual elegance. For spring/summer 2012 she has created a series of dresses and tops in dusty pink, light ivory, silver grey, petrol blue and deep purple. We’ve already got our eye on a couple!

We spoke to the 24 year-old designer earlier this year in the FAD magazine about her aspirations for the future.


Which FAD project or competition did you take part in?

A: I was the winner of the 2008 competition ‘Urban Communication’.

Where are you working or studying now?

A: Currently I am working on the start up of my own business. It is a Luxury womenswear label; Alicia Stone.

What is involved with your job or course – describe in brief what your role is, or what you are working on at the moment?

A: As a new business I am doing a bit of everything from designing, planning, production, management, marketing and promoting….the list goes on.

Do you feel that taking part in FAD helped you professionally?

A: I think FAD definitely played a big part in launching my fashion career. Winning the competition in 2008 resulted in a placement in Madrid for Hoss Intropia as a Design Assistant.  It also gave me a lot of great press from very well respected members of the fashion industry, and not to mention the fantastic industry links.

In addition, I was awarded winner of the ‘Major National Catwalk Award’at Nottingham Trent University, which was a very pleasant surprise on graduation day! FAD is a brilliant organisation to get involved with, it gives talented young designers a launching pad for an exciting career.

What else have you done since FAD?

A: Shortly after my winners placement inMadrid, I worked for Vivienne Westwood in London as a Studio Intern working for the Gold Label department. A couple of months in to my internship I was appointed Studio Managers Assistant, which was a great opportunity to be given. In addition, I also worked for FAD as a workshop assistant for the Fashion Futures 2, helping teach drawing, printing, draping, pattern cutting and construction. This again was a great experience, a real contrast to anything I’d done before.

After this however, I realised my passion still remained in design. I have spent the last 18 months designing, making and selling a collection, as well as working in a full time non-fashion based job to fund it all. I have received such positive feedback and support, I have decided I am now ready to take the big leap in starting my own business and am currently working on my own brand Alicia Stone, hopefully launching later this year! I can’t wait!

What is next for you?

A: To launch and develop the Alicia Stone brand and continue doing what I love.

For more information on Alicia Stone and her womenswear collection please visit www.alicia-stone.com or email alicia@alicia-stone.com


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