SPOTLIGHT ON: Lucy Johnson at Graduate Fashion Week 2011

FAD Competition, FAD Stories

Lucy Johnson, University of East London, was a finalist in the 2011 FAD Competition at Vauxhall Fashion Scout in February. She will be one of the many FAD students showcasing at Graduate Fashion Week next month (5th – 9th June). Since taking part in the FAD Competition, Lucy has featured in Disorder Magazine and will also showcase in the next edition of Phoenix Magazine.

A definite one to watch, Lucy talks exclusively to FAD about the inspiration behind her graduate menswear collection. 

“My collection is following on from theFAD Competition theme of ‘Escape’. My inspiration came from escaping my fears and finding a place where you fit. I looked at natural sources like mountains, rocks and water to pick up texture and organic colours.

The silhouettes are taken from wetsuits, drawing on its panels and smooth lines. I think it’s important for menswear to have simplicity but to have depth with detailing, so I added texture through smocking and tailoring to show structure and maturity. I found materials that were strong for protection and others that i could layer. I wanted the collection to show a process of my thoughts changing. I started to escape from my fears and grow more confident in using comfortable materials such as neoprene for a suit and jersey for tailored trousers.

The print I have used is a photo taken from my travels. The collection represents the freedom of solitude, and the importance for a man to feel comfortable in the clothes he wears and the place he is.”

See Lucy’s FAD entry in Disorder Magazine, and an interview with FAD fav mag Phoenix.  

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