SPOTLIGHT ON: Joanna Louise Mandle at Graduate Fashion Week 2011

FAD Competition, FAD Stories

Joanna Louise Mandle, Manchester School of Art, was a finalist in the 2011 FAD Competition at Vauxhall Fashion Scout in February. She will be showcasing her graduate collection at Graduate Fashion Week in London on Tuesday 7th June.

“My collection has been inspired by looking at flights of childhood imagination and post punk Britain, Fusing innocent silhouettes of Victorian childrenโ€™s wear with darker undertones inspired by the early Goth movement. On a personal level my work represents the irresistible charm of escaping bleak grey urban life into one on fantasy. My designs intend to delve back into the fun and frivolity of childhood whilst taking on a harder contemporary edge.

I want to create beautiful clothes that make people feel something when they wear them, whether the whimsical thought of a past memory or the excitement of escaping into their own imagination. I think fashion doesnโ€™t always have to be serious and in times of gloominess fashion can create a sense of fun, whether through mood changing colour or oddball style.”


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