Designer Teens in Conversation with George at Asda: Yasemin, 17

FAD Stories

FAD sponsor, GEORGE at Asda, has interviewed six talented Fashion Futures 2 students about their FAD experience; love of fashion and the designers that inspire them most. In this post we meet pattern cutting extraordinaire, Yasemin, 17.


Hobbies: Football, Photography, Art, and Make-up

Hi Yasemin. Can you start by telling us what you think the FAD workshops are about?

Y: Fad workshops help young people interested in the fashion industry; develop their creative and technical skills to gain experience with professionals from all areas of the fashion industry.

What activities during the workshops did you enjoy most and why?

Y: Throughout the 10 weeks at FAD, we covered a variety of activities. The first step to any project is to research your concept, which for us was ceramics, glass and jewellery from 1990 to the present day.  The research day took place at the V&A museum where we had to draw and take pictures of things we could use as inspiration or which just interested us in some way.  After gaining our inspiration we had to pick a designer that we would like to design our final garments for.  I decided to pick Peter Pilotto as his work relates really well with my chosen inspirational piece. 

We then developed our design ideas, practiced our sewing skills on industrial machines, which we would later create a pattern for. My favourite part of the course was printing; this was because I learnt new techniques using the heat press as well as the ones I already knew!

What have you learnt from the FAD workshops? 

Y: During the course I have learnt many things, for example using an industrial machine which I had only used once before, as well as learning new ways to create pattern pieces. Not only have I learned technical skills but I’ve also got to know a lot of new people, which has raised my confidence.  FAD has given me an insight into how the fashion industry works and has inspired me to continue in my studies into university and I have enjoyed every minute of it.

As part of the Fashion Futures 2 project, you came to visit us in the design studio at George. Can you tell us a little bit about the visit and how it was useful to you?

Y: We got to see what goes into the design development of each season and all the research that goes into it.  We then had the chance to create our own mood boards and trend in two different groups and later presented them explaining our concept.

Whose your favourite designer?

Y: One of my favourite designers is Jean Paul Gaultier, this is because his work is very extravagant and almost resembles costume. Also I like the way he uses a lot of corsets throughout his collections.

How would you describe your own style?

Y: I would describe my own style to be very colourful and reflects my mood on a particular day.


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