FAD Stories: Tan Singtosap

FAD Stories


Age: 20

Currently: Studying a BA in Graphics at Chelsea College of Art & Design

“FAD helped me a lot personally. At the time, I was thinking of going into higher education but uncertain about which subject I wanted to do. There was one I hadn’t tried which was fashion design, so that is why I decided to do Fashion Futures 2. The experiences I had; using a sewing machine, designing, pattern cutting and making a garment for the catwalk was really a first for me. I didn’t expect myself to be one of the finalists, so it really made me feel like I succeeded the unexpected. At the same time, it made me realise I like fashion, but studying it probably wasn’t for me.

“After FAD, I did a Foundation in Art and Design at Chelsea College of Art & Design and chose the Graphic Design pathway, before staying to do my BA. For me Graphic Design is a very broad subject, I think there are so many possibilities within graphics and so I want to explore ways to communicate through different medias and materials. I also do a little bit of photography of objects, mostly unanimated things but I’m very keen to do some photography on people, fashion photography perhaps. I think that would be much more fun.”

Tan was a finalist in the 2008 FAD Junior Awards. Read more about Tan’s graphic work and inspirations on his blog: http://letcha.net

Also see photographs taken by Tan at the 2011 FAD Junior Awards


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