FAD STORIES: Kat Drury, Photographer

FAD Stories

In October 2009 FAD Junior Awards winner, Katerina Drury, 18, was named one of six inspirational teenagers in a special issue of The Independent Magazine. We caught up with the budding photographer to talk about her FAD experience and how its shaped her aspirations for the future.


Kat, what was it like winning the FAD Junior Awards?

K: “When I heard them call out my name, I was shocked. Once I got over that I just felt really excited. The whole experience has definitely made me a lot more confident in everything that I’m doing. The big thing about winning for me, is its made people realise – especially those who may have had their doubts about me. I feel I’ve proved that I can do something. “

Looking back, tell us a little bit about the FAD Junior Awards – what was the atmosphere like?

K: “The atmosphere was amazing – it looked so good. The music was great and having all the cameras at the end was brilliant for me. Most of us were sitting together so we were cheering for each other. There were a lot of good friendships made between the finalists, and we will definitely keep in contact.”

Kat, as your prize for winning the 2009 Junior Awards you worked on a photo shoot with Volt Magazine. How was that?

K: “I was really nervous, I wasn’t sure what to expect but the shoot was really good. It was amazing being able to watch it all come together – from make-up and hair to seeing how they style everything. There were some amazing clothes, including Alexander McQueen’s Swarovski crystal dress, which was mesmerizing to see close up.

On the day I got a real feel for how a fashion shoot works – the time it takes in getting models ready and setting up all the lighting. Rui Faria is an amazing photographer – the photos he took were stunning.”

How has Fashion Futures 2 benefited you?

K: “It’s opened my eyes. I’ve always loved doing extra things outside school, but this the best thing I have ever done, out of school, even in school. I’ve learnt a lot about the industry – all the different careers, everything. I’ve met so many people and made so many contacts.

Being part of FAD means everything for my career because it will enhance my chances of being able to go to university. It’s really been an amazing opportunity.”

Over the past year you have been volunteering with FAD. Tell us what you have been up to and why you chose to volunteer?

K: “While volunteering I have been taking lots and lots of pictures in workshops, which I love, and also had the chance to be an official photographer atFAD Catwalk Events. I’ve met and worked with lots of exciting people and been able to hopefully give back toFAD, who have done so much for me.

I chose to volunteer because I’ve always enjoyed doing extra things, and want to further my portfolio of work and keep a strong connection with FAD. They are a great organisation and do so much for so many people. I feel volunteering is the least I can do.”

What’s next for you Kat?

K: “At the moment I’m choosing which foundation course to do – either London College of Communication or Ravensbourne as I’ve been accepted to both. After that I hope to do a degree, alongside more work experience and assisting.

I’d also love to travel round the world, photographing and exploring. I just want to get as much experience as possible and learn new things. One of my dreams is to work for a year as a photographer’s assistant somewhere likeNew York.”

Since completing this interview Kat has finished a foundation at London College of Communication and is now in her first year of a Photography degree at Bournemouth University.


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