Designer Teens in Conversation with George at Asda: Clara, 17

FAD Stories

FAD sponsor, GEORGE at Asda, has interviewed six talented Fashion Futures 2 students about their FAD experience; love of fashion and the designers that inspire them most. In this post we meet aspiring stylist Clara, 17 , from North London. 

Hi Clara. Can you start by telling us what you think the FAD workshops are about?

C: FAD workshops are about expressing your inner talent and love for fashion and the industry behind it. The workshops help you create a garment influenced by a design brief. This year was about looking at jewellery and ceramics from the last twenty years. The volunteers on FAD work with you and encourage you to think out of the box when designing garments. They are there throughout the production of your garment and they are always willing to help you with anything you throw at them. The FAD volunteers have immense patience and assist you with anything your not sure about.  

What activities during the workshops did you enjoy most and why?

C: During the ten week course I had the pleasure of doing many activities, some involving an industrial sewing machine which I found very difficult to use. I think sewing machines are made for super humans. I had a fun experience using the heat press to make transfer print samples. It was a new technique of printing which I had never used before and it was super quick to do.  I mostly enjoyed the print workshop because I used new methods of printing to the ones I’m familiar with at college, such as emulsion printing, that was a totally new experience for me and I liked the end result. My print came out really strong and I like the method because it’s quick and simple.

What have you learnt from the FAD workshops? 

C: FAD has taught me a great deal about myself. I’ve left the course knowing a lot more about the fashion industry. The whole workshop experience has made me more confident within myself knowing that I can actually make a garment from scratch. I’m determined to get a job in the industry knowing I have talent and the motivation to excel and reach to the top. I plan to design and make my prom dress because the workshop has inspired me to continue making garments. Though I want to become a stylist, knowing how garments are constructed will make the styling extra exciting.

As part of the Fashion Futures 2 project, you came to visit us in the design studio at George. Can you tell us a little bit about the visit and how it was useful to you?

C: Having the huge opportunity to visit George of Asda was very rewarding, and it was a pleasure getting to meet members of the design team. Listening to their stories about how they got into the industry was interesting because, some of the things they mentioned I plan to do myself e.g. go to university and getting experience by doing many work placements. They expressed that working hard pays off and being willing to work in other areas of fashion is beneficial because every experience you get helps in ways you think it wouldn’t. 

How would you describe your own style?

C: My sense of style generates from many things, whether it’s from the music I listen to or the mood I’m in when I get dress. My personal style has developed over time and it is still changing. I love trends however I only follow them if they represents who I am. My eclectic taste in clothes keeps growing and so is my love for fashion.


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