FAD Stories: Daisy Boetang, L’Oreal

FAD Stories

Daisy, from Newham , took part in FAD’s Fashion Futures 2 project in 2006. After college she went on to study a BA Fashion Promotion & Imaging degree at the University of Creative Arts in Epsom graduating in 2010.

What are you doing now Daisy?

“I am currently working at L’Oreal in the UK Head Office in the marketing department for L’Oreal Paris Skincare. It is an amazing company to work for and everyone is very passionate about what they do, making it a great environment to work in. It’s extremely fast paced and exciting and there is always so much to get involved with – which I love!”

Which FAD project did you take part in and how did it benefit you?

“I was a finalist in the 2nd FAD Junior Awards, Fashion Futures 2 project in 2006. Taking part in the competition helped me far beyond what I expected. As soon as I finished the competition, FAD helped me get a placement at the Tesco Design studios where I was able to see them design their autumn/winter range. Since then I have been invited on visits by FAD that benefited me with my work at University, for example, a visit to the Revlon and WGSN offices. This allowed me to get a deeper insight into how the industry worked and helped to keep me one step ahead.”

What skills have you learnt from FAD?

“I have learnt so many things from taking part in FAD projects, and I am still learning. From making garments to advertising, I have learnt a range of skills including how to create a pattern by just draping fabric; organisational skills, by watching how much effort goes into FAD shows; how to be a team player from working so closely with the FAD team, and funnily enough, how to model well by taking part in their catwalk shows.”

What do you think of FAD now?

“FAD has an amazing way of bringing out the best in youth and giving them the ambition and confidence to try to succeed in anything they do. Every year, the charity gets better and the talent improves and I am very proud to be able to say I have been a part of it all; even if it is just a small part.

As an FAD volunteer I have helped in Junior and Graduate shows, whether it be as a front of house host, part of the backstage team or model, and every time is worthwhile as I meet so many people from the industry and learn so much from everyone involved. I go back whenever my help is needed and I never hesitate because every opportunity with FAD is a good opportunity.”

What are your highlights from the past year?

“My highlight would definitely have to be graduating from university as it makes you feel so proud that you made it through. Working on my Final Major Project was also a highlight because I learned so much! Creating a concept from scratch teaches you a lot about time management, how to delegate roles and how to be confident enough to finalise decisions.

I created a website that combines online shopping and social networking for style savvy shoppers around the world – www.your-shop.me.”

Future ambitions?

“Studying on the marketing pathway at university and currently working in marketing at L’Oreal, has helped me decide this is the career path I want to follow. It is a challenge and it is always exciting because trends are always changing. In the future, I hope to be a Marketing Manager/Director of a successful global company.”


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