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On Wednesday 8th June, we will be launching our latest resource for teachers and aspiring creative students, For this project, FAD has collaborated with international partners to provide an interactive website to inspire and guide young people interested in all aspects of Fashion and Design. The INTOFashion website provides information on thirty different vocations in all areas of the industry, with details on courses at universities across the UK, Italy and Spain. To further inform and inspire young people, each career path is explained and personified with real life case studies and video interviews, detailing day-to –day activities and responsibilities of the job.

INTOFashion as a resource for teachers…

“I am so pleased that this website has been created. There is so little information for students who want a career in design and this platform has so much for them in one place. It also makes a good teaching resource” – Lauren Kennedy, former Head of Textiles, Parliament Hill School

 “This is a very comprehensive resource, a wonderful website that all teachers should have access to. Another great resource from the FAD Charity that demonstrates the ongoing support from Industry experts”Ruth Llewellyn, Textiles Teacher, Winchmore School

The INTOFashion website is a fantastic resource for teachers looking to aid their students in discovering higher education courses and fashion/design-specific career paths. The platform describes each vocation as well as listing key skills and routes to success. Teachers can use INTOFashion to encourage, inspire and inform their students on the many paths available within Fashion and Design, and advise them on ways to make their dream careers a reality.

INTOFashion as a guide for young people…

“As someone who has always wanted to work in the fashion industry, this website would have been invaluable to me at school. It took me a long time to work out which career path would be best for me, but access to the INTOFashion website would have made that process a lot quicker and easier! Even now that I’ve chosen my course, I find looking through all of the case studies really inspiring.” – Ellen Ormerod, Fashion Journalism Student

 Whether trying to find their ideal career path, discover their dream university course or plan a year abroad, the INTOFashion website is a valuable guide for all students seeking a career in Fashion or Design. Whilst exploring the site, young people can also find inspiration in the stories of case studies who have already made it in their chosen field.

“My advice for young people would be to stay curious, be creative and to keep discovering new things at all levels. I find creativity in architecture, films, books, literature, etc.  There is always something creative that drives you. To work in this industry you have to be very self- disciplined, have enormous capacity for hard work and live fashion intensively.”- Gabriel Azkoitia, Costume Designer and one of our case studies on

The INTOFashion website will be launching on Wednesday 8th June so make sure you have a look and explore the site! We can’t wait to hear what you think!



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This months masterclass was hosted by Jane Kellock, FAD Trustee and volunteer. Jane is an industry heavyweight – Creative Director of Unique Style Platform and The Women’s Room blog. She started her career as a womenswear designer, working for UK high street retailers (most notably Topshop). After a spell as Head of Design for a Canadian retailer, her love of forecasting and a desire to innovate and inspire, led her to senior roles at WGSN and Stylus.

Jane has gained an international reputation as a colour and trends expert working with global designers, brands and retailers, to provide them with inspirational seasonal analysis and thought-provoking future trends.


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Philip grew up in Hackney and since leaving school he has become a hard working and determined young man. With his sights set firmly on a career in the fashion industry, his passion for helping others shines through in his role as an FAD Volunteer and Trustee. We catch up with him a whopping six years on from taking part in FAD Fashion Futures 2010.

INTO FASHION: Self Promotion Masterclass

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Self promotion is essential, and tricky. Go too hard and you seem like a hyperbolic egotist, too little and you’re at risk of selling yourself short and missing out. This months Masterclass on how to blow your own trumpet helped our INTO Fashion members strike that all important middle ground. 

Designer and fashion illustrator Miss Magpie Spy aka Niki Groom kindly came down to  share her advice on how to present and promote yourself. Niki is the talent behind live illustrations for Clinique, Accessorize, River Island, BBC Radio 1 and Links of London.

INTO Fashion Stories: Dapinder

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We catch up with FAD volunteer and INTO Fashion member, Dapinder (Daps), to talk about how FAD has helped her to secure her dream job.

Daps has never been a quitter, but sometimes “you can never predict what life will throw at you.’ Due to personal events she wasn’t able to complete her degree in knitwear design and consequently found herself taking a very different path then the one she had envisaged.

“The best thing you can do in that sort of situation is pick yourself up. Due to financial circumstances I thought the only way to do this was to get some work and orient it around fashion.” So Daps decided to pursue a career in fashion but from a different angle. Like many young Londoners she worked in retail, starting on the shop floor before progressing into a senior sales and visual merchandising position at Banana Republic. 

“I’m sure I’m not the only one who has been in a situation like this”. Like many young, creative people, Daps had the raw talent but lacked the financial support she needed to return to university so she had little choice but to find a paying job. An upbeat personality she decided to see her retail experience as a chance to be “paid to learn” but it was a difficult time for her all the same; “It’s easy to think you’re alone, and to compare yourself to your more successful friends.”

When Daps finally made the decision to come out of retail it took a lot for her to say “this isn’t what I want to do.” FAD’s INTO Fashion programme allowed her some breathing space to explore her options; to get advice from industry experts and professional help with her CV – “FAD gave me the foundation to build myself back up.”

At first Daps felt skeptical about her work experience, having not practiced on the creative side of things for a good few years. But after a CV session with FAD’s Creative Curriculum Director Joanne that soon changed. ‘Joanne pointed out that I had many transferable skills from my time in retail and needed to maximise my opportunities.  The support from INTO fashion gave me the confidence to just go out and get what I wanted.’


Daps volunteering on the FAD Black Icons project

Since mid 2015, Daps has been working in the Architecture, Design and Fashion department at the British Council. Even though it’s an internship, with FAD’s support Daps has secured herself the London Living Wage and is getting paid more now than she was working on the shop floor. But the most important thing for Daps is she is loves her job and feels like she is finally moving forward in her career. “The British Council is the biggest cultural organisation in the UK and our patron is the Queen! The brilliant thing about it is I’m learning on the ground and getting paid for it.”

FAD’s INTO Fashion programme targets graduates and college leavers aged 18-30 years old who have found themselves in low-paid, entry-level employment for at least 6 months, with limited prospects of career progression. This is made possible thanks to the support of the Trust for London.

To apply to the INTO Fashion programme please email

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